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Psychotherapy for Dreamers & Seekers,
Movers & Shakers, Healers, Hybrids & Cultural Creatives

And Psychotherapy for Seeming Star-Crossed Lovers
(i.e. for Couples Ready to Get Unstuck)


Couples Retreats


In person & On-line




In person & On-line




I had a breakdown/breakthrough in 1987 that landed me on the psychiatric ward and started me down a long and interesting journey towards wholeness.


Over the last 30 years, I have learned tons about personal growth—and personal limitations. Even as I started to heal and find a truer sense of self, I still found it particularly difficult to get along with my signficant others. In fact, I couldn't make a romantic relationship last past the two year mark. 

However, things changed for me when I discovered attachment theory and began to use it to make the connection between mind and body, between neurosis and nervous system. We store all of our history, conscious and unconscious, deep within our tissue. By bringing awareness to the body and its wiring, we allow for a profound unwinding that leads us back home to a sense of vibrancy and wholeness—in ourselves and our partnerships.

With good help, good training and a loving partner, I began to rewire my nervous system, which allowed me to learn how to contain and digest pain and eventually experience new levels of calm and love. As a result of this work, I bring a mindfulness-based, body-oriented approach (Hakomi) to my sessions with individuals and couples. I include non-sexual touch if it is needed and wanted, as touch has played an essential role in my own healing. I also have a depth of experience in communication issues (NVC), trauma (EMDR) and couple's therapy (PACT, RLT). My partner Gabriel often joins me in conducting couple's retreats.

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